Fees & Cost Structure for Psychiatry Services

Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery is a fee-for-service practice offering telemedicine visits and in-person appointments at our Arlington, TX facility. While we do not accept insurance, our team can provide assistance filing out-of-network reimbursement with your insurance carrier.

New Patient Appointments – 1 hour

During the initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to learn about your symptoms and concerns and render a diagnosis. A personalized treatment plan will be developed based on your individual needs.

Dr. Pittman $400

Nurse Practitioners $300

Follow-up Appointments – 30 minutes

Follow-up visits are part of on-going care and may include psychotherapy, behavioral intervention, medical management, counseling, or other services. These appointments also allow our providers to track your progress and monitor changes and improvements in your symptoms.

Dr. Pittman $200

Nurse Practitioners $150

Individual Therapy Sessions – 1 hour

One-on-one therapy sessions with our providers are tailored to each individual patient to address mental health concerns and improve overall wellness. These visits may include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, or other treatment approaches.

Dr. Pittman $325

Nurse Practitioners $225

Family Therapy Sessions – 1 hour

Family therapy sessions involve two or more family members. During these visits, our providers may implement psychotherapy, counseling, or behavioral intervention strategies to help individuals understand how their actions affect other family members, resolve familial conflict, and improve family dynamics.

Dr. Pittman $375

Nurse Practitioners $275


Additional Information About Psychiatry Visits

A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking the initial appointment unless canceled within one hour of scheduling. For established patients, cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a late cancellation fee of $100.

A no-show fee of $150 will be charged for missed appointments.

We are dedicated to providing quality, thoughtful medical care in a professional, patient-centered environment. To schedule a visit with Dr. Pittman or one of our nurse practitioners, please contact Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery in Arlington, TX today.