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What Is a Psychiatric Diagnosis and Assessment?

A comprehensive psychiatric diagnosis and assessment is the first step in the outpatient treatment of behavioral, emotional, or mental health disorders. It is also an extremely critical component in the rediagnosis of patients who have been misdiagnosed and identifying ideal recovery solutions. Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations are provided for adolescent and adult patients and are performed to determine if there is evidence of a mental health, emotional, or behavioral condition that may be impacting a person's health and well-being. Board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Julie Pittman and our nurse practitioners utilize information gathered during the diagnostic and assessment process to formulate a treatment plan tailored to a patient's individual condition(s) and needs. For more on adult or adolescent psychiatric evaluations, please contact Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery in Arlington, TX.

How Is a Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Performed?

The psychiatric evaluation process begins with an hour-long initial appointment during which Dr. Pittman or one of our nurse practitioners will gain detailed information about a person's symptoms, behaviors, medical history, substance use, and mental health history, including any previous diagnoses. Our team will inquire as to how these factors may be impacting the patient's day-to-day life, school or work performance, and relationships. Lab tests, including blood work, may be performed to determine if any underlying issues could be contributing to or mimicking mental health disorder symptoms. Genetic testing may also be conducted to understand how a patient's body might react to psychotropic medications. Once the comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is complete, Dr. Pittman will render a diagnosis and determine whether individual counseling, family therapy, behavioral intervention, medications, or other modalities are recommended for treatment.

the First Step Toward Mental Wellness

Meeting with Dr. Pittman or one of our nurse practitioners for a comprehensive evaluation is the first step in treating a psychiatric illness or behavioral disorder and improving your quality of life. Psychiatric assessments also offer the opportunity to finally get the correct diagnosis if you feel you have been misdiagnosed by another provider. For more information, or to schedule a telemedicine or an in-office visit at our Arlington, TX facility, please contact Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery today.

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