Virtual Visits at Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery

What are virtual visits?

At Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery, we know what it means to have access to quality, compassionate care for mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and weight loss management. Dr. Julie Pittman and our team are pleased to offer the convenience of telemedicine visits to help patients get the treatment they need, no matter where they are located. Thanks to video conferencing technology, we are able to see patients all across Texas for a wide range of services. To learn more about how telehealth works or to schedule a visit with Dr. Pittman, please contact our Arlington, TX office today.

How do virtual visits work?

Telehealth appointments offer the same level of confidentiality and personalized attention provided during in-person visits at our office. We offer hour-long initial appointments, 30-minute follow-up appointments, and hour-long individual and family therapy sessions via virtual visits. During these appointments, Dr. Pittman can provide services for general adult and adolescent psychiatric needs, individual and family therapy, behavioral intervention, medication management, weight loss counseling, and other counseling services.

Get Quality Care, No Matter Where You Are

Distance, a busy work schedule, and even the pandemic do not have to be a barrier to quality care, thanks to telehealth technology. With virtual therapy visits, getting the experienced treatment you need can be within your reach, even if you do not live within the Arlington, TX or DFW area. Contact Pittman Psychiatry & Recovery today to reserve your telemedicine visit with Dr. Pittman.